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Are you looking for someone who can write copy to help you sell your product to the 74 million adults in the U.S. between the ages of 55 and 75 who have $750 billion in spending power?

You’ve landed in the right place!

These adults feel they have only reached the midpoint in their lives and have lots of spending to do…as long as it meets their needs.

It should be easy to sell your product to them, but don’t be misled. They don’t fit nicely into any market.

Call them “old” and they will leave your website without buying your product. They are one word and one click away from either being either a loyal customer or nothing.

I can help you use the correct words to reach this lucrative market.

These consumers are the sandwich generation, caring for parents and children. Their older children are independent and they may be raising a second set of children. They may have “retired” from one job and started a new career.

What words do they respond to and what words turn them off?

Boomers changed the world we live in. They are not going quietly into the “twilight” years of their lives. They are digging in their heels, clinging to their version of youth, while carrying a martini glass and wearing running shoes.

They are rebellious, cynical and smart. Their chronological age may be 65 or 70, but their physical age is closer to 55 and mental age is 45.

Learn what they love, respect them and understand what they need. You will acquire a loyal customer willing to spend their disposable income on your products.

 Boomers control more than half of all consumer spending. It’s important to treat them with respect, listen to their concerns and help them achieve their goals.

They respond to emotionally compelling messages, the power of a story, and use of words other than “old”. Interested in knowing what words to use when marketing to the Boomers (hint…boomer isn’t one of them)?

 Why am I so sure about what this market wants and needs?

 I am one of them! I am not defined by the age on my birth certificate. I have hills to climb and goals to achieve. No matter what you are trying to sell me, make sure you have proof it works. Don’t look through me or talk down to me. I will challenge you, question your ability and walk away without spending a dime. I’m not my mother’s 72. That will be your first and last mistake when trying to sell me anything.

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