Website Services

 In  the fast-paced internet  environment, it’s important to keep your website current.

 Writing Solutions by Julie can  update the copy on your website  to assure that current buzz  words are used when internet  users are searching for your  product or service.

Writing Solutions


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Online Sales


Direct Response Letters

 If you have a specific product or  service and you want to reach out to  a large group of people who would  be interested in your product or  service, Writing Solutions by Julie will do the research and write a compelling letter to generate the response you want.

The Boomer generation is a prime market for health and wellness. Writing Solutions by Julie will write the copy that specifically targets men and women over the age of 55.



Informational Emails

Informational emails and newsletters are becoming the best way to increase your  revenue and build stronger  relationships with potential  customers and existing clients while controlling the cost.

 Utilizing your data base and  sending out monthly  newsletters with information  regarding your area of expertise  is an effective way to stay in  contact with customers. Writing  Solutions by Julie can develop  the newsletter, write the copy    and maintain your lead list. ​​


​ Do you have a blog that is  updated weekly or monthly to  keep customers and clients  informed about your services?

 Writing Solutions by Julie can  create and update your blog so it  remains relevant.


 Do you have a business that services other businesses and are looking for ways to increase sales?

 Writing Solutions by Julie has experience in technical and marketing communications for multiple business opportunities.​