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Blogs are a great way to stay in contact with customers and potential customers. The information can range from current specials to general information.

Here is a blog that Writing Solutions by Julie wrote as an introduction to the Hot Flash Holly website.


Creating the best way to communicate how your product stands out from the rest takes time and effort. Rely on a professional writer who researches the product and market to help you sell your product in an ever-changing marketplace.

Website Services

Setting up and maintaining a website takes time and expertise. How many times have you looked at a new website and the information was out-of-date? 

Writing Solutions by Julie can set up your website and/or maintain it so it is always current and correct.

Check out Hot Flash Holly  and Mother Daughter Book as examples of what Julie can do for you.


Direct-Response Letters

You have a product or service to sell and might be considering the best marketing method to use. A direct-response letter is a proven way to generate business. One example of a short, to-the-point letter was to encourage people to go to a local restaurant on National Tequila Day (this was a fun sell). 

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Online newsletters are a cost-effective way to increase revenue and visibility with clients and potential customers. Using your existing data base, the newsletter will generate leads and build a strong relationship with customers through a soft sell approach.