If you are seeking a professional writer knowledgeable in the areas of alternative health and/or integrative fitness for adults 55+, then the person you want on your team is Julie Luedtke.

Julie is competent as a writer and editor. Her attention to detail is so comprehensive, she is able to determine what her customer needs even before they can articulate their desires.

I have had the opportunity to work with Julie in two separate settings: corporate and small business. Julie’s years of experience make her a versatile and capable employee in any setting. When I started my own business, she was the first person I called to ask for assistance in website content and marketing materials.

Julie responds quickly and delivers her work in a timely manner. When you hire Julie for any task or activity, you will be sure to know that it will be completed on time and within budget.

Janet Miller

Optimal Brain Restoration

At Johnson Bank, we looked for ways to communicate with employees at all the branches. Julie was a critical part of this mission.   She helped develop and implement the “Family Reunion” quarterly meetings meant to enhance communication between leadership and employees. Julie also designed, created and presented many of the PowerPoint presentations used to enhance the program. In addition to the quarterly meetings, she created “Meeting in a Box” for managers to utilize between the quarterly meetings. The "Box" was available on the company website and held everything needed for department meetings: financial reports, theme for the month, and a special "Did You Know?" quiz about the corporation.

She was proactive in seeing a need and creating a positive solution for employee communications. In order to highlight the corporate mission, vision and values Julie created and implemented “Thought for the Week”. Every week employees received an email with a quote based on one of the corporate values.

 Julie developed and directed communication plans for follow up with our Strategic Succession Plan team. With her assistance, the Plan was presented well ahead of schedule.

 I personally found Julie to be a team player with a positive attitude. She was always professional and consistently volunteered to accept additional responsibility.

 Kathi J McQuitty

Meridian Working Capital, LLC

Need more information? Call Julie at 602-334-7730 or email: writingbyjulie@yahoo.com

During the time I worked with Julie Luedtke, she demonstrated expertise in a variety of projects that were key to the development of the Arizona region. In many situations she was proactive in seeing a need and creating a positive solution for the benefit of our employees.

When the Arizona region merged with the home corporation, Julie worked with corporate leadership to communicate changes to associates in a timely manner. She also planned and coordinated the employee celebration at the successful conclusion of the merger.

There were several major PowerPoint presentations that I had to present to the Board of Directors. Julie was able to put my ideas into creative presentations that made complex financial situations readable and easy to understand.

Robert Parsons

Vice President

Johnson Bank, Arizona